Conservation Work

Do you have a garden or woodland area that needs managing for wildlife?

Grow Yourself undertakes a range of work including:


  • Hedge and woodland planting 

  • Scrub clearance

  • Coppicing 

  • Pond management

  • Formative pruning

  • Hedgelaying

  • Habitat creation and restoration

Pictures: Winter bramble clearance at the National Trust's Prior Park to help improve their Yellow Meadow ant habitat. Head Ranger Rob Holden said, “The work of the Grow Yourself team has been impressive. Their enthusiasm and dedication, working hard to clear scrub in this outdoor setting, has had a real impact on saving these internationally important habitats.”

Work at Primrose Hill Community Woodland, Bath

"Matt Smail and his team of energetic youngsters have been working for the Primrose Hill Community Woodland Trust on a project to clear up fallen trees. We have a major tree felling programme underway to thin the wood, felling 600 trees per hectare. The trees are 30 – 40 ft high and so there is a vast quantity of branches to be cut up and burned and trunks to be stacked. 

Matt and his team have done brilliantly. They have followed behind our team of professional tree surgeons, clearing up from each day’s felling and in just 9 days’ work have cleared up over 600 felled trees, burned the brash and neatly stacked the timber.

In addition, they have used tree trunks to edge the paths through the wood and then applied wood chippings to the surface.

They have worked extremely hard, in a very systematic and professional way, and have done a great job. We are delighted with the result."

Alistair Mackichan, Trustee Primrose Hill community Woodland Trust