Help with grow your own.

Help us get you started growing your own fruit or veg. We offer:


Raised beds – why use them?

Raised beds enable you to grow fruit and vegetables almost anywhere. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil,

prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails. They look good too!

  • Advice on what to sow or plant.

  • Raised bed construction: using different thickness timbers – depending on budget – we can create all shapes and sizes of bed and fill with a topsoil/compost mix to suit. We only use quality materials in our construction – pressure treated softwood wood in a range of thicknesses and graded topsoil that is guaranteed weed free.

  • Soft fruit and tree fruit planting.

  • Herb garden design and planting.


Prices start from £165 for a 2.4m x 1.2m bed (30cm high) using

1” timber, filled with topsoil and added compost, ready to go.

For added durability we can also supply 2" thick timber or 4" sleepers.

Recently intalled raised beds using 2" thick timber