You can support us in a number of ways… 

For customers:

The best thing you can do is choose us to do the work!

You can be assured that you will receive a friendly professional service but also you will be giving unemployed young people opportunities to build their skills and confidence to move into work. 

For employers:

Are you looking for skilled, qualified and motivated staff?

Please support us by taking on one of our trainees. Even if only

on short term contract, this is the best possible way to help us to achieve our mission which is to move young people into paid work.

Help support a young person

back into work – sponsor a trainee for 6 months.


Much of Grow Yourself’s income is derived from payments for the work completed.

However there is a need for additional funding to cover the following training costs:


  • On the job training from staff.

  • Additional staff support time for training in CV writing and interview skills. Support with writing up trainee work log books.

  • Provision of professional references to potential employers.

  • Placement travel and lunch expenses.

  • Additional external training offered to trainees who have shown commitment after 3 months.

  • Training materials i.e. tools.

Benefits for young people

Grow Yourself works out in the community, giving young people the opportunity to learn skills in a real work setting and teaching them skills such as customer care or timekeeping that they would not so easily learn in a voluntary setting. The benefits for the young people will be many and varied but our key aim is to teach skills that will progress young people into employment. Benefits for the young people will include improved:


  • Land based skills (including one off accredited training e.g. Lantra Brushcutter Certificate)

  • Employability skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Mental well being e.g. confidence and self esteem

  • Physical well being


Every 3 months trainees will be asked to fill in self-assessment forms using a points scoring system with the above criteria, to help trainees assess where improvements need to be made, and to help evaluate how well the enterprise is meeting its objectives.

We estimate

it costs £2250

to support a trainee 

for 6 months working

3 days a week, which

equates to just under

£94 a week.

The Director Matt Smail (see About Us) has built a reputation for developing successful partnerships and managing large grants e.g. the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities grant.


All funders will receive updates on trainee progression as required, with individual feedback from funded trainees. If you are interested in offering trainee support or would like more information please email

Matt at 

It is now well established by the Royal Horticultural Society that there is shortage of young people entering the industry. In May 2014, the Horticulture Matters industry group published the first Horticulture Matters report, detailing key findings including:


• 72% of 200 horticultural businesses surveyed were unable to fill skilled vacancies;

• a survey of 1,000 people revealed that 70% of 18-year-olds believed horticultural careers should only be considered by people who have ‘failed academically’;

• nearly 50%of under-25s think Horticulture is an unskilled career.


Grow Yourself aims to tackle these problems head on.